This blog is dedicated to cryptocurrencies. I’m a creator and funny guy so I like to create funny content and I promise to make the best I can.

Please keep in mind that the intention of my content is to promote the ideas of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and its use even by making fun of it. Simply because nowadays “fun” is the easiest way of promoting something especially when we are talking about global adoption. Please remember that my intention is never to make harm to any coin or idea. Thank You for you support.

If you have any ideas, questions or requests please contact me on my email below in the image or using the form below. I’m a busy guy working alone so please keep in mind that I don’t have time to reply to every single message. If you don’t get reply from me within 48 hours and really want to speak with me 🙂 please feel free to resend the message. Thank You.


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